Sell Your Panties

The story of the lovely pair of panties

A fairytale for a lovely pair of panties

Once upon a time, a pair of panties was having fun with her friends, hanging in an underwear shop among all her panties friends. With her little lace node, her flower drawing and her silk border, she was the prettiest of the shop. And we must say, men underwear of the shop where very jalous of her : "you are lucky, you lovely pair of panties, all the pretty girls of the shop look at you and want to touch you..."

One day, a beautiful young lady with wonderful legs and a lovely butt stopped in front of the pair of panties. She looked at her, smiled at her, touched and returned her to check all the parts of her body... You are cute, little pair of panties, she said. I want to wear you to feel you on my pussy !
-Oh yes ! Please ! Answered the pair of panties ! I want to stick to your pussy !
-Hey ! You can speak ! Come with me, I will show you my sweet pussy...

This is how the pair of panties left the shop and all her panties friends.

A soon as she took the panties out of the bag, the young lady nicely placed the pair of panties on her bed. Then, she shut down her room curtains, and she took her clothes off. "Now we are just you and me... What do you think about my body, she asked ?"
-You are so beautiful, said the pair of panties... I want you to wear me, to be stuck to your pussy, to touch your butt, to smell your cream...
-You are beautiful too, you little pair of panties. Come close to me, make me wet !
-Yes !
girl with panties

As soon as she put on the pair of panties, the young lady felt that she was looking so great ! She kept on admiring herself in the miror... It's true that this pair of panties nicely emphasized her beautiful body...

Then the young lady lied on her bed and started to caress... "You see, now, you are a real wet pair of panties... You like it ?"
-Yes, I love it, your pussy smells so good !
-Hmmm, that's so sweet ! Please keep on sticking to my pussy !

This is how a cute love story started between the young lady and her pair of panties. For 3 days, they stayed together, sticking to each other, in various positions : during the night, the day, and even when the young lady was making love with a boy... After 3 days and 3 nights, the pair of panties was very smelly. Very very smelly. She had the smell of the sweetest pussy in the world...

girl and panties

The little pair of panties is sad

Listen little pair of panties, said the young lady in the morning of the 3rd day. You made me come so much, I love you very much. You know, I am selling my worn panties on Sell your and a nice boy saw some pictures of you sticking to my pussy, and he asked me if he could buy you. I will send you to him, so he will also have pleasure with you. Don't be sad, you will see, you will have many new friends there, I am sure of it ! Then the young lady packed the wet pair of panties in a lovely zip-bag, and the boy was very happy when he received his order. This pair of panties, so wet, with her lace node, her flowers and her silk border was so lovely, with such a nice pussy smell !

The little pair of panties makes news friends

After having played with the little pair of panties, the boy placed her in a drawer... "You will be good here, you will see..." How surprised was the pair of panties when she met dozens of new friends in the drawer ! Many other worn panties, like her, that the boy did order in the past, but also the boy underwear… These underwear are so cute, she thought... The pair of panties couldn't help smiling to the men underwear... She felt in love with tall and strong boy underwear. They got married and had many little panties kids together...